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1) No Bullying / Harassment Of Any Kind.

2) No Vandalism Of Any Kind On Any Pages.

3) No Self Promoting Yourself / In Less A Admin Says So. (List Below)

4) No Fan Posts Allowed. (Please Make Fan Posts On Are Reddit)

5) Please Keep All Content On Your User Page.

6) No Editing Other Users / User Pages Without There Permission.

7) No Creating Incomplete. (If You Edit A Page Without Finishing Please Tell A Admin)

8) No Abusing Other Accounts. (Ex: Using Another Account To Talk About Your Ban)

Current Staff Edit

Name Joined Date Promoted Status
August 10th, 2018
August 13th, 2018
August 13th,2018
August 14th.2018

Staff ApplyEdit

1) Must Have 50 + Edits That Make Sense.

2) Must Message Me On My User Page.

3) Must Follow All Rules Above And Know What You Are Applying For.